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Saucer 1967 (Kunst Tettau white without mark 04114 Doroth.Hilti)

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EAN: 0000000000000

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Artist: Dorothea Hilti
Dorothea Hilti was born in Basel in 1947. Started painting by chance in 2003. Autodidactic and intuitive, she went her own way and developed her own imagery – Drip Art. Dorothea Hilti‘s pictures are a dance of colours, life-affirming, full of passion with colour and motion. She paints her pictures from a bird‘s eye view. Using special techniques and methods, she makes explicit unlimited possibilities, which are represented by working with the most diverse of materials, among other things. Paper, plastic films, knob plastic, old boards – Dorothea Hilti has even used bark as her canvas.
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